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ValuGard Undercoat is an asphalt, solvent & flexible, self-healing Military Spec coating specifically proven to resist liquid de-icing brines. Applied to the underbody and wheel wells to protect factory paint from damaging road exposure while providing insulation and deadening road noise. ValuGard Undercoat is a one-time application. Does not freeze, crack, pocket and fail like outdated “rubberized” undercoats.  $399 for passenger cars and trucks. Call for other vehicles. 

Rust Proofing

Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor is installed into a vehicle’s enclosed cavities to prevent inside-out corrosion perforation. Complimenting the Undercoating, ValuGard Cavity Rust Inhibitor is installed without drilling holes via an atomized fogging method. Like the undercoating, ValuGard Cavity Rust Inhibitor is a mil-spec product with a one-time application and is specifically tested showing it works against the brines causing problems. It protects new vehicles hood, doors, rocker panels, tailgate/trunk and frame -  think of all the crevices, channels and cavities in a vehicle.  That is why our program is so important!  $399 for passenger cars and trucks. SPECIAL: $250 if done with Undercoating. 

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